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America was discovered c.1200 BC by Greek Vikingar sailing from Crete during time of Trojan Wars

America colonized prior to 400 BC, as written in Hermocrates Dialogue by Plato (Atlantis)

America re-planted Tree of Life from Mesopotamia to MesoAmerica, called it the 'Religion of Thor'

American Vikingr created Youcantan Indians, fallen Leifr Eiriksons (call him Leaf 'chief' of the Tree)

Vikings returned to Europe in 791 AD to stave off Christianity, lost a sea battle before reaching land

Scandinavian Vikings (Heathens as mentioned in letter) returned to America 985 AD, attacked

Federated States of America 1040 AD militarized Indians, end of Viking Era

Confederate States of America 1255 AD, end of Templar Era 1307 AD in Europe

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